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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zeroing in on my target....

After doing so horribly last semester I have decided to completely change my focus and shift geers to something more important.- the end result.
I’ve spent too much time focusing on “getting through this semester.” Not spending enough time on focusing on the fact that everything I’m doing here in college is so I can get to University and get that much closer to my goal. Ladies and Gentelmen there’s a new Lorey in town and she’s focused and ready to take on the world! :)
Ok, I’m back now. I am putting myself not only on restriction where food is conderned, which is going very well but I’m aslo putting myself on male restriction. I have found that dating only distracts me, so, I’m staying focused on school and to hell with men, until I get to where I want/need to be. This is my future, my career and its far too important for me to lose focus on it for a man. There will be plenty of time for men once I’ve gotten what I want.. or at least until I’ve learned to balance things.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Going Organic.....

I believe in being eco friendly and living a green lifestyle. I believe we should preserve the world we live in and if possible to go vegetarian or vegan. I wish my life was as green as possible and that I could only eat organic foods. Until now, I knew some foods were bad for me, because of sugar, far, and flower contents. I had no idea how bad things really were until yesterday when I watched Food, Inc. It was the most eye opening thing I’d seen or read since watching the Inconvenient Truth a few years ago. I was, to say the least disgusted by the way companies and factory farms treat our food. I would have expected that something as important as the food that goes into our bodies would be a little more closely monitored than it is. I’m a realistic person, I know that the big chain markets are in it for the money and customers be damned. However, I had no idea that many farms here in America thought the same way. I’m attaching the trailers to both the documentaries mentioned in this post because I believe its something everyone should see. I’m not saying that my way of thinking is the only way, you choose what you will. This is my opinion, and my place to voice that.

I’m proud to say I’m educating myself so I can go Organic and I will be posting about what I learn and any information that would be useful.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diet, weight loss and meal plans...

This morning I was surfing YouTube, it seems I’m going on there on a daily basis which is funny because I literally waste hours on there watching videos. Some are informative but others are pointless and have no value really. This morning, however, I was recommended a video regarding diet so I decided to watch it because, well what the heck did I have to lose? And she laid out kind of a meal plan that seemed reasonable. I like having meal plans, it makes me feel safe that I know exactly what I’m eating and whats in it along with how much its going to cost me. Call me crazy but I don’t like surprises when it comes to weight.

So, I’m going to try it because I can, damn it. I’ll write in to let you know if it works, people keep saying how its important to be healthy and all that crap, personally I don’t care about being the model of health rather I care about being thin.

I’m going to try it out and report on it.

Lo Luv <3>

Monday, June 14, 2010

Meant to be?...

I’ve been looking for “the One” since I first heard of this elusive man. I remember being about six years old and looking at boys I had crushes on at school and wondering which one of them I’d marry. I think maybe my grandma read too many fairytales to me and my mom took me to see one too many Disney movies. I don’t know why I’ve always felt like there was this person out there, where ever there is. That I was meant to be with, I am not sure if its because I felt some ten plus years later I could escape my reality and create the life I wanted or because I felt like I was missing something.
Fast forward seventeen years and I’ve been through some crap, had my heart broken by the first man I loved, took a chance by going out with a different type of guy that turned out to not really be so different and developed feelings for an older man that I should probably have kept my distance from. I’ve learned some valuable lessons when it comes to love and relationships, though I’m far from giving up on love I have come to the conclusion that when it comes down to it, there really are no rules for love. You can’t choose who you love any more than you can choose what name your parents will give you. In the end, its all about being happy with who you are, loving whoever that is, then if the “One” comes along, he’ll just make you all the more happier. If he doesn’t come along, you have family, friends and the knowledge that you are happy with your life and who you have turned out to be.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Purpose in life....

Purpose is something that many people are in search of, some because they need a change in their lives, others because they never really put in the time and work to figure it out. I’ve known I wanted to sing since I was three, it wasn’t until I was 18 that I figured out what I wanted to do was sing Opera. But even as a child I stayed focused on what I felt inside was what I was meant to do. I’m a big believer in strong instincts and I just felt in every bone in my body that this was the right thing for me.

Music is not an easy field to be in, take my word for it. The work is endless just to get a fraction closer to your goal. Semesters become about making it through your class, practice times, rehearsals, recitals and finally, juries. Most of us spend our days preparing for the performances of the semester. We’re mostly driven and inspired but there comes a point where we just don’t want to do it anymore, and that is when many chose to leave the music department. Some cant take the pressure, thats ok. This isn’t meant for everyone, just because you have a talent doesn’t mean that you have to use it. Unfortunately, I’ve known some people with tremendous vocal or instrumental abilities that they’ve just thrown away because they couldn’t take the pressure of deadlines and requirements, yet claimed they were willing to do whatever it took to reach their goal.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making the changes happen...

After ages of not posting a single thing in this blog I’m back! Life has been very interesting over the last year; I’ve started my second year of college and I’m doing well, I got a job working on campus in a computer lab and have only recently resigned, I’ve made many new friends and had so many experiences that have had an impact on my life in so many ways. Finally, I got into a relationship with another music major and had it not work out. I didn’t see it coming. Honestly, I know I’m better off simply because while this relationship turned out to be an utter lie, I’ve learned that there is love after the devastating heartbreak I had a few years ago with “D”.  Now I am at a place in my life where I not only know where I want to be academically, professionally, and spiritually, but emotionally. It hit me that I’ve been going about this all wrong. How you ask? Because I realized, I don’t know shit about men. Like most women, I read the magazine articles, check out the websites, talk to my girlfriends, and when all else failed I asked my mother for advice. Not very great, is it?
In order for me  to play this game with the men, successfully, I have to know what the rules are and how the players think. This isn’t to say I’m going to make myself into something I’m not to play with the boys, what I am going to do is change my strategies. You may wonder what has brought on this sudden change. Well, this passed week I was dumped. Remember that relationship I mentioned earlier? Thats the one! I decided that if thinking like a woman hasn’t worked for me, why not try thinking like a man? 
Enter-Steve Harvey. Think like a Man, Act like a Lady1 This is an amazing title, so simple, yet such an amazing idea. I started reading the book the night before last, after watching The Ugly truth on Netflix. I also got some ideas from the movie (make a note to watch it, if you haven’t.) 
There are requirements I have, that I will no longer compromise. I didn’t think I was compromising but, I realize now, I was. This is what brings me back to this blog, I’ve decided that for a period of a year to apply the rules in that book, to see if things change. Of course, this means I’ll have to make some changes, which will begin immediately.
First, I will get my weight under control, while I’m doing this I will also change my style of dressing. I’m done dressing for comfort, I have to dress feminine and approachable. I’m also going to make the time to go out more, I’m 23 I need to start acting like it. I’m also going to keep busting my behind in school, because after all. I am an intelligent and successful woman, what kind of woman would I be if I turned into an idiot? None at all, thats what. I’m going to take control of what I can take control of, and whatever is not within my control, I’m going to let it go.
I will put these things into practice and talk about it on this blog, I’m going to make these changes over the course of a year. Here I will talk about it all, my weight woes, dating, flirting, school, and of course the changes in my wardrobe and love life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's time to get to work......

I’m nervous about starting my second year in college and it’s freaking me out. I’m taking on 19 credits and it’s not so much the credits that make me nervous it’s that I’m anxious about getting better and reaching the next level vocally. I still feel incredibly insecure in my voice and music theory studies. I just hate that feeling, so out of control that it really just drives me nuts! I want to be good, now. This I know is not going to happen overnight, it will take time and I just have to take time. I’ve realized that given the choice I’ve made in career it will require a lot of sacrifice, still I know it will be worth it. I can see this all happening right before my eyes, the time that music takes is well spent but absolutely overwhelming.

This semester I’m going to take Acting, a course I wanted to take this passed spring but couldn’t because I simply didn’t have the time and now the story isn’t much different but I want to connect with my pieces more easily and to understand drama more, simply by experiencing it from a different perspective. I wish I had the time and energy to spend in a practice room but I haven’t, now I’ve decided to make the time. I want to be the best, I want to reach the next level musically and to achieve this I have to make more sacrifices. Getting up early, staying up late and focusing on the tasks at hand, I can’t spend time on foolish things anymore.

Because it’s time to get to work, now more than ever.